Prices in US Dollars

Hi, everyone.

Since many people from outside of Brazil asked, we installed a plugin that shows the price in US Dollars (USD) next to the price in Brazillian Reais (BRL).

However, that caused some confusion. So we decided to answer here the two most asked questions.

The first one is that we DO NOT determine the actual value in US Dollars shown in parenthesis. The plugin we use just convert the value from Brazilian Reais (BRL) to US Dollars (USD) using the rates provided by the website Open Exchange Rates. Both prices are exactly the same, based on the price in Brazilian Reais.

The second one is about PayPal, if the charge will be in US Dollars or Brazilian Reais. We spoke with a PayPal representative, and she told us that the client can choose in which currency he/she wants to pay, and PayPal itself will deal with the exchange rates.

Just reminding everyone that the exchange rates used by PayPal may vary in relation to the one used in our website.

Changing the subject, we also added the manufacturing time to Caroline’s page in the Store.

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

And, once again, thanks to everyone for all the support!

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