Our Partners

Ball-Jointed Dolls are meant to be customised. To be unique. To be yours.

That’s why we have a partnership with some very talented artists who can help you customise your doll the way you want.

This is how it works: when you buy one of our products, you can select one of our partner artists to do the face-up of your doll. Then, we’ll put you and your chosen artist in contact, so you can negotiate with her how you want the face-up and how much she’ll charge. After everything is settled, we’ll send the doll directly to the artist, and when she’s finished, she’ll send it back to us so we can ship it to you. There are no extra costs for you relative to this transit of the product between us and the artist.

Just to make it clear: you will have to negotiate and pay the artist for her work, but the travel of the product from us to the artist and back to us is free. The cost of shipping to you (if applicable) still exists.

For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. Any other doubt, please contact us.

Now, let’s meet our partner artists!

Daniela Paiva (Dandansama)dandansama






Luciana Buglia


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Wicked Kai

Wicked Kai

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