Crowley! Finally!

Hello, everyone!

Did you know that a day in Mercury lasts about 58 Earth days? With that in mind, one month (thirty days) in Mercury is about 1740 Earth days. In our last blog post, we promised news about Crowley later in that month. That was 243 days ago. However, since we were talking about the Mercurian month, we’re still on time. One might say we’re even early! And, counting our facebook page‘s updates, it was even earlier!

Leaving our timeliness aside, we’re finally announcing Crowley‘s release date: December 4th 2015! Next Friday! Hooray!


He’ll cost US$140.00 for International customers.

Crowley will have the following color options: White, Cream White, Vanilla e Peach.

YES! We have new color options! Cream White e Vanilla!

Crowley's color options

From left to right: White, Cream White, Vanilla e Peach.

We couldn’t have Tan Crowleys due to some problems with the dyes, but someday he’ll be here. Maybe next Mercurian month.

We also have another news: we’ll no longer offer pre-orders for our dolls. We’ll manufacture them in pre-determined amounts and sell them directly through our site. You won’t have to wait the production of your doll: just pick, buy and that’s it – we’ll ship the doll. The only matter left is stock… but if the doll you wanted is out of stock, contact us and we’ll put it in the production queue.

Another change concerns our face-ups: we no longer have a default option. We’ll offer something different: when buying one of our dolls, you can, if you want, pick one of our partner artists to hire her to make the face-up the way you want. We put you both in contact so you can negotiate how the face-up will be and how much it will cost. Then we’ll send the doll to her and we also take care of the shipping to you. To meet them, please visit the page Our Partners. To better understand how this works, please read our Terms and Conditions, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


Summing up all the info on Crowley:

  • Release date: 12/04/2015;
  • Price: US$140.00 for International customers;
  • Color options: White, Cream White, Vanilla e Peach; and
  • Custom face-up option with one of our partner artists.

For more on Crowley, visit his page. For more on our partner artists, go here. Any questions? Please read our Terms and Conditions or contact us.

Now, to get everything ready to Crowley’s release! Until next time!