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Jude Tan is gone!

Hey, everyone!

You all really like Jude! It’s already sold out! Thank you all very much.

And I want to apologize for everyone that couldn’t get one. I promise I’ll open another order for him later this year (For real!).

We’re back! But the Judes are all gone!

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? When everything seems to go wrong? We had one of those yesterday. Our website went down exactly on the day we were supposed to open Jude’s sales. We should’ve named him Murphy.

However! Amid our despair, we began selling them through facebook, talking directly with you all and… JUDE SOLD OUT! In one day! First time one of our releases sells out in one day! We were so happy!

And now, the site is back up. And we don’t have any Judes left to sell (right now).

If you tried yesterday to buy a Jude and all you got was an error message, or if you were waiting for the site to come back up to order your Jude, we apologize for the inconvenience.

However! There’s no need to despair! We’ll make more Judes! And Carolines! And Ballistas! And, maybe, even new models! So please keep checking with us here and on facebook that we hope to bring more news soon-ish. At least in less than ten months.

It’s just that right now, after all the stress we went through yesterday, we really need to sit down and rest, just a bit…

Judes for sale this week!

Hey, everyone! We’re back! And we bring good news!

We’ll open his sales this Wednesday, May 17th 2017, by 10:00 Brasilia Time (13:00 GMT). Mark your calendar! Or calendar apps!

He’ll have the same price as Caroline and Ballista: R$620.00. For more info, please visit his page. And if you have any questions, just ask!

See you Wednesday!