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There’s still one Caroline! And some Crowleys too!


Hey, everyone!

There’s still one White Caroline for sale! The very last one! Go to her page and order yours now!

Or just leave her there, all alone and abandoned inside our depot (also known as wardrobe), with no one to take care of her, or even to talk to her, poor girl, don’t you have a heart?

Actually, she does have some company there, the Crowleys left from his sale – after we fixed the online store tool, we completely forgot to update his stock… But! We just fixed that! You can buy one now, just go to his page and place your order!

Or just leave them there, all alone and abandoned inside…

Ok, I’ll stop with all this emotional blackmail.

Until next time!


Carolines for sale!

Caroline Peach

Hello, everyone! As promised, there are now new Carolines for sale!

Any problem with your purchase, please contact us that we’ll do everything we can to help.

And we’re sorry if we scared you if you tried to buy your Caroline before we updated the store! Next time, we’ll update earlier…

Announcing new Carolines for sale!

Caroline White

Hey, everyone! Long time no see!

We had some (a lot of) problems with life, the universe and everything, but now we’re back! Maybe someday we’ll tell all about our adventures, but today we’re here to announce a new batch of Carolines for sale!

We’ll put some White and some Peach Carolines for sale next week, on May 20th, 2016. It won’t be a pre-order, it’ll be a direct sale, as long as our stocks last.

There will also be a change on the doll’s price. Due to the fluctuation of the Brazilian Real, the resin’s price went up and a new Caroline will cost BRL R$620,00 from now on. We’ll have the price in USD Dollars by next week. Thank you for understanding.

That’s all for now! If we remember anything else, we’ll tell you all, and if you have any doubt, please read our Terms and Conditions or contact us!

See you next week!